Nasal plastic surgery

Beauty and function

Nasal plastic surgery is an operation during which not only can the shape and size of the nose be adjusted, but also a nose hump can be reduced or removed, the tip of the nose can be altered (made thinner or smaller, or raised, etc.), and the shape of a nose damaged in an accident can be corrected. Every year, more and more men and women are determined to get rid of annoying shortcomings that not only undermine self-confidence, but also hinder the full enjoyment of life.

How is the operation done?

The operation is done under a general anaesthetic and it takes 2–4 hours. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, the operation may be done two ways:

  1. Closed nasal plastic surgery. This involves internal incisions to the nasal mucosa, so post-operative scars are not visible.
  2. Open nasal plastic surgery. After the operation, a scar a few millimetres long remains in the area of the nasal cavity, which fades and flattens over time.


During the operation, deformities of the cartilaginous tip of the nose or the cartilaginous and bony nasal dorsal spine are corrected. After the operation, the nose is stitched with special seton stitches, which are removed on the first or second day after the operation.

Post-operative period and healing

  • Stiches are not removed from the nasal mucosa: they dissolve on their own over a couple of months;
  • After open nasal surgery, the sutures are pulled out of the nasal cavity 7 days after surgery;
  • For 1–2 weeks after the surgery, there may be a discharge of bloody mucus from the nose;
  • Breathing difficulties may continue for 3–4 weeks;
  • For about 2 weeks after the surgery, it is best to avoid premises that are dusty or where people have been smoking;
  • Bleeding will abate within 2 weeks after the surgery;
  • A nasal splint needs to be worn for 10–14 days after full nasal plastic surgery;
  • Glasses should not be worn for 2 months after surgery. Wearing glasses before the nose is properly healed may cause the bones to slip out of place, resulting in deformation of the nose;
  • Intense sporting activity should definitely be avoided for 2–3 months after surgery;
  • Saunas, steam baths, and swimming pools should also be avoided for 2–3 months after surgery;
  • The nose heals within 3–4 months. During healing, it is recommended to clean the nose with salty water and to use oil-based nose drops.

Why the "Fi Clinica"?

We are a team of professionals who can provide the highest level of service. The clinic employs experts with international experience in their field. We care that your beauty and health are in safe hands.

Geography of operations

We are a 20 minute drive from Kaunas airport
The clinic covers an area of 2800 m2
More than 20,000 performed services and surgeries each year

Why is it worth having the operation in Lithuania?

  • Excellent cost/quality ratio;
  • You will be cared for by specialists of the highest order;
  • Fi Clinic has international experience and it has earned the trust of clients;
  • You can have the initial consultation in your country of residence (UK, Eire, Denmark);
  • All the information and the consultations are available in English;
  • Our specialists will give you all the information you need before the operation, they will answer any questions you may have and they will help you plan your trip as required;

The trip is extremely simple and convenient – a short flight is waiting for you. The airport is only 19 minutes away from the Fi Clinic by car. The clinic is located in the city centre, surrounded by an oak grove, and one of the largest shopping centres is in the immediate vicinity.

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