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Get back a beautifully shaped body

Liposuction, or fat removal, is one of the most popular operations in the world. For most people, fat collects in problem places: on the waist, abdomen, hips, buttocks, upper arms, cheeks or under the chin; and even people who exercise a lot find it difficult to get rid of fat deposits. In such cases, liposuction helps beautify the body contour. In places where this procedure has been done, the fat cells do not grow back. If the patient subsequently puts on weight, the new fat gets distributed equally all over the body.

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How is the surgery done?

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the surgery, the liposuction operation is performed only on people with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 27.

In human bodies, fat is deposited in two layers: an upper layer and a deep layer. In liposuction, fat is removed from the deep layer by vacuum suction. A general anaesthetic is normally used for this operation, expect for liposuction on small areas, where a local anaesthetic may suffice.

For liposuction, special tubes of various sizes are used via an incision of about 1 cm to suck out the fat. The incisions are made in parts of the body that are not usually seen, , such as skin folds or places covered by underwear.

Post-operative period and healing

  • In the place from which fat has been removed, subcutaneous bruising will be noticed in the post-operative period, but it will subside over 1–2 weeks;
  • Post-operative scars are barely noticeable. To keep them barely noticeable, it is important to kept them hidden from direct sunlight for not less than six months;
  • For 6–8 weeks after surgery (sometimes less) a special compression outfit needs to be worn, which prevents accumulation of fluid and helps the skin to contract;
  • A course of lymph drainage massage is recommended in the post-operative period in order to get the best result;
  • In the post-operative period some patients feel as if they have been beaten, or they feel as if they are puffed up, but these feelings pass within a fortnight;
  • Abstention from vigorous physical activity and sport is recommended for a fortnight after the operation;

The end result of the liposuction will be seen within a period of 6–8 weeks after the operation.

Why the "Fi Clinica"?

We are a team of professionals who can provide the highest level of service. The clinic employs experts with international experience in their field. We care that your beauty and health are in safe hands.

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Geography of operations

We are a 20 minute drive from Kaunas airport
The clinic covers an area of 2800 m2
More than 20,000 performed services and surgeries each year

Why is it worth having the operation in Lithuania?

  • Excellent cost/quality ratio;
  • You will be cared for by specialists of the highest order;
  • Fi Clinic has international experience and it has earned the trust of clients;
  • You can have the initial consultation in your country of residence (UK, Eire, Denmark);
  • All the information and the consultations are available in English;
  • Our specialists will give you all the information you need before the operation, they will answer any questions you may have and they will help you plan your trip as required;

The trip is extremely simple and convenient – a short flight is waiting for you. The airport is only 19 minutes away from the Fi Clinic by car. The clinic is located in the city centre, surrounded by an oak grove, and one of the largest shopping centres is in the immediate vicinity.

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