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Joint arthroplasty (Physical activity without pain)

About the surgery

Articular surfaces are generally damaged due to age-related changes: the cartilage gradually loses its elasticity and restoration ability. The most common disease that affects joints is joint osteoarthritis, manifested by progressive joint pain and dysfunction. Conservative treatment of this disease is ineffective. Joint arthroplasty surgery is a modern, safe and effective method of treating degenerative joint disease.

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Duration of the procedure (up to 2 hours)
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Recommended minimum duration of rehabilitation (10 days)
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Duration of inpatient stay applying “Quick Recovery Program” (2 days)

Orthopedic surgeries

Primary hip arthroplasty

During the surgery, worn out bone joint surfaces are removed and replaced by mechanical implant surfaces, i.e., an artificial joint. Typically, a hip joint prosthesis consists of three parts: femoral component, acetabular component, and acetabular cup.

During hip arthroplasty, implants are fixed with bone cement using special bone cutters and chisels and preparing bone base, or by applying cementless fixation. Articulating surfaces, i.e., the insert of the femoral component may be made of extra high molecular weight polyethylene or ceramic; femoral heads are made of metal alloys or ceramic.

The type of implant used and the method of fixation to the bone are chosen by the operating orthopedic traumatologist, taking into account the individual anatomical parameters of the patients: bone quality, degree of osteoporosis and the patient’s activity level.

Primary knee arthroplasty

During the surgery, worn out joint surfaces are removed and replaced by mechanical implants, i.e., an artificial joint. Typically, knee arthroplasty consists of three parts: the femoral and tibial parts-components, and an extra-high molecular weight polyethylene insert is implanted in between to mimic the articular cartilage and allow movement.

During knee arthroplasty, implants are usually fixed to the bone with cement, and can be of various types. The type of implant used is selected by the operating orthopedic traumatologist, taking into account the individual anatomical parameters of the patients: bone quality, degree of osteoporosis and the patient’s activity level.

Revision knee and hip arthroplasty

Joint implants are marked by a long service life and good stability results (based on data from joint registers). However, age-related changes and long implantation times lead to wear out of implants or certain parts thereof.

Consequently, patients are increasingly required to undergo repeat knee and hip arthroplasty surgery due to the resulting pain, dysfunction, feelings of instability, and emerging bone defects caused by worn out implants or parts thereof. Revisional (repeat) arthroplasty surgeries are technically more complex and require specific implants to reconstruct bone defects and ensure joint stability after the surgery. Fí Clinica employs highly experienced orthopedic traumatologists who perform >100 revision surgeries per year using the most advanced components of revision implants in the world.

After the surgery

  • Patients are relieved of intense pain;
  • Full joint function is restored;
  • Ability to work is restored;
  • Quality of life is improved.


Note: implants used for arthroplasty are recommended by an orthopedic traumatologist. Implants are selected based on the patient’s age, gender, bone condition, joint mobility and degree of deformation, among other criteria.

Why "Fi Clinica"?

We are a team of professionals who can provide the highest level of service. The clinic employs experts with international experience in their field. We care that your beauty and health are in safe hands.

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Geography of operations

We are a 20 minute drive from Kaunas airport
The clinic covers an area of 2800 m2
More than 20,000 performed services and surgeries each year

Why is it worth having the operation in Lithuania?

  • Excellent cost/quality ratio;
  • You will be cared for by specialists of the highest order;
  • Fi Clinica has international experience and it has earned the trust of clients;
  • You can have the initial consultation in your country of residence (UK, Eire, Denmark);
  • All the information and the consultations are available in English;
  • Our specialists will give you all the information you need before the operation, they will answer any questions you may have and they will help you plan your trip as required;

The trip is extremely simple and convenient – a short flight is waiting for you. The airport is only 19 minutes away from the Fi Clinic by car. The clinic is located in the city centre, surrounded by an oak grove, and one of the largest shopping centres is in the immediate vicinity.

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