A scar forms as part of the natural healing process following an injury. Scars occur after the skin heals after various lesions: surgical treatment, injuries, burns, and also inflammatory diseases, such as acne, chicken pox and mechanical stretching of the skin (stretch marks). Scarring is a highly individual process that depends on each individual's general body condition and response to lesions: for some, the formed scars are insignificant, and for others, they occur clearly visible and sometimes cause discomfort or even reduce the person's self-confidence.

Laser treatment for scars is a procedure when a laser beam stimulates collagen production inside the skin and cell regeneration in the affected area to "fill" the scar with new collagen. Laser beam also smooths out the scar, adjusts its colour and increases skin elasticity in the area of the scar. After scar removal and treatment procedures, scars becomes less visible and smoother.

Usually, the procedure must be repeated 3-4 times depending on the area, depth and type of the skin lesion, therefore the exact number of sessions can only be determined by the dermatovenerologist during the course of treatment. It is important to know that the earlier you start treatment after scarring, the better results can be achieved during treatment.