Vascular lesions can occur to each of us as a result of broken or damaged vessels on the surface of the skin, however, they are more visible for those whose skin is prone to redness.

Thanks to modern laser technology, such vascular lesions and broken capillaries can be effectively removed without any significant hassle or discomfort.  Broken capillaries treatment using laser is a safe, effective and quick procedure performed using modern dermatological laser Fotona Dynamis which effectively improves appearance of or even removes broken capillaries, vascular formations and redness for you to enjoy lighter and smoother skin.

During the procedure, the light impulses emitted by the laser is exactly targeted to the site where a particular vascular problem exists without affecting the surrounding skin. The light is absorbed by the haemoglobin contained in the vessel, which generates heat. The heat destroys vessel walls thereby leading to their death, and the dead vascular tissue is slowly absorbed in the body.

For the best results, a course of several treatment sessions is recommended with the specific number of required sessions to be determined by a dermatovenerologist after assessing the particular case and skin condition during a consultation.