Moles is a problem that can cause both aesthetic concerns and physical discomfort. Patients generally experience discomfort because of moles that rub against their clothes, cause pain or have aesthetically unattractive appearance.

Laser mole removal is a way to remove pigmented skin lesions in a safe and quick manner without the help of a scalpel. In addition, the procedure does not cause any discomfort, as local anaesthesia is usually applied before the mole removal procedure. As the risk of scarring is reduced during laser procedures, an attractive aesthetic result is obtained at the site of the former mole.

Although most moles are benign skin growths that do not cause any health concerns, you should contact a dermatovenerologist if your mole:

  • rub against clothes or that is in the way when shaving;

  • has asymmetrical or blurred edges;

  • has uneven colour;

  • is larger than 6 mm in diameter;

  • started changing shape, colour, or size.

After the procedure, a small scab forms in the site of the former mole, which usually falls off within 1 to 2 weeks leaving a small mark (scar) which will disappear as healing progresses.