Gentle (“Smooth”) facial skin resurfacing is a safe, efficient and quick procedure performed using a modern dermatological laser Fotona Dynamis, which rewinds time and returns moisture, smoothness and glow to your skin. As quickly as after the first procedure, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic, the appearance of wrinkles is improved, and pigmentation spots, redness, vascular irregularities and fine lines are eliminated with skin pores becoming less visible. During the procedure, skin regeneration and collagen production are stimulated, therefore the younger-looking skin will remain up to six months.

Gentle ("Smooth") facial skin resurfacing is popular among the patients willing to improve skin condition in a short time. The procedure is best suitable for eliminating the first signs of ageing, reducing fatique, restoring natural skin's colour and complexion, and improving the appearance of fine lines and pores. Gentle skin resurfacing is suitable for men and women of various age.

Patients having more expressed signs of ageing (deep wrinkles, sagging face skin), or other more severe skin conditions, i.e. acne-related deep scars, are recommended by our dermatovenerologists to choose other laser skin treatments, such as fractional face resurfacing.

After Smooth face resurfacting treatment, the effects are visible after the first procedures with the peak reached after 2 weeks. The patient does not feel any significant discomfort because the procedure is performed under local numbing with cold. During the procedure, external layer of the skin - epidermis - is treated using modern dermatological laser Fotona Dynamis brushing away dead horny cells and stimulating deeper layers of epidermis.