Constant rushing, stress, sleepless nights, bad habits, and time passing - these are the factors that influence skin ageing and occurence of various skin conditions.  Smoothness, vitality and skin glow can be restored by modern laser skin treatments which induce intensive regeneration processes immediately after the first treatment resulting in skin restoring moisture, firmness, and smoothness.

Fractional skin resurfacing is a unique treatment because of its universality and therapeutic effect, which can improve many skin conditions, i.e. to remove fine lines and wrinkles, to contract pores making them look smaller, and achieve youthful, vital, and glowing skin.  Face resurfacing treatments are recommended for porous, uneven, dull-looking skin, expressed facial lines and wrinkles. The treatment stimulates the processes of regeneration and collagen synthesis in the deep layers of dermis, and a new smooth layer of skin is formed with the activated collagen production.

During fractional resurfacing, the skin surface on the face, hands or neck is exposed to laser in a spot (fractional) way:  laser sends the skin impulses targeting only certain parts of it forming thousands of microscopic "collumns" without harming the surrounding tissues. In place of the damaged skin, younger-looking and clearer skin develops with collagen production being stimulated, and the undamaged tissues accelerating natural recovery. During fractional face resurfacing, the integrity of skin surface is slightly affected by using thin beams of light instead of a full laser beam, resulting in "columns" of a certain and controlled depth burned down in the skin. Recovering of "columns" results in skin shrinking reducing its volume and smoothing out both fine and deeper lines, improving the appearance of scars.

The distinctiveness of fractional skin resurfacing lays in the potential of regeneration processes which having started after the first procedure continue for a long time, and over time the condition of skin only becomes better and better with the peak reached month 2-3 following the treatment.

Fractional skin resurfacing removes pigmentation spots, smoothes out small acne-related scars, improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles with fine lines being completely removed, improves skin structure, stimulates collagen production leaving the skin firmer, softer, more supple, glowing and younger-looking.