Deep skin resurfacing is a procedure requiring a little more commitment because the best results are achieved after a cycle of 4-6 procedures, and each procedure requires some recovery time. Despite that, the effect of deep skin resurfacing is felt and visible for up to 3 years.

During the cycle of treatments performed with Fotona Dynamis lase, skin regeneration and collagen production are gradually stimulated with new collagen being recovered, which ensures long term results: skin becomes smoother and more elastic; the depth of lines and wrinkles is reduced; the appearance of pigmentation spots, redness, vascular irregularities and fine lines is improved; skin pores becomes contracted and less visible.

Deep resurfacing laser penetrates deep into skin under undamaged outer layer and performs non-invasive, non-damaging and non-ablating skin treatment which affects only deep layer of the skin.

This procedure is recommended for less defined facial contours, large pores, fine and medium lines and wrinkles, dull skin, pigmentation spots, and chronological ageing. This procedure is most popular among patients aged 40-55 years.