Laser-based skin treatments not only rejuvenate skin, restore skin’s glow, moisture and elasticity but also help to improve the appearance of various skin conditions. There is a rise in popularity of treatments using modern lasers as non-invasive method of improving skin conditions with the post-treatment results often match up to the results of beauty injections or even plastic surgeries.

There are several types of skin resurfacing treatments, and dermatovenerologist will help you to choose the most appropriate one, depending on your age, skin type and condition.  Some of the treatments provide a faster effect and are more suitable for handling the first signs of ageing – fine lines, reduced elasticity or to restore the condition of discoloured and dull skin.  Other procedures are intended for more mature patients willing to reduce deep and remove fine facial lines and wrinkles, to enhance their face shape, to restore firmness, smoothness, and moisture of the skin.   All the treatments are performed by dermatovenerologist using modern state-of-the-art technologies thus ensuring patient comfort and safety during the treatments.