The face is a map of our emotions and feelings, where joy, sadness, surprise and anger remain their traces – mimic wrinkles over time. Initially barely visible wrinkles become deeper and brighter over time, new ones appear. Signs of aging begin to appear around thirty years old, when collagen and elastin synthesis and cell division processes are slowed down, resulting in aging of skin, loss of elasticity, moisture and other important trace elements.

Mimic wrinkles are formed by periodic shrinkage of the facial muscles (laughing, smiling, wrinkling) – horizontal wrinkles appear in the forehead, anger wrinkles in the bridge of the nose, “crow’s feet” in the corners of the eyes. Most often, mimic wrinkles begin to form in early youth as a result of constant repetitive emotional expression – initially they are barely noticeable, but they become more highlighted, deeper with age due to natural aging processes. Injections are one of the most successful facial wrinkle treatments that help temporarily to reduce or eliminate the facial wrinkles.

Wrinkle correction with injections is the most popular minimally invasive aesthetic procedure in the world that prevents wrinkles and allows to enjoy more youthful and smoother skin. The active substance in the product is a protein found naturally in bacteria, blocking nerve impulses in the facial mimic muscles that relax and no longer shrink. After the procedure, the wrinkles are smoothed, the formation of new wrinkles is paused, while other facial muscles work as before, so the overall facial expression remains unchanged.

How the procedure is performed?

Today experienced doctors use very low and safe doses, give very exact injections into an appropriate muscle to achieve the maximum possible effect – the respective muscle would relax and the wrinkle would smooth in this area, and its depth does not progress. From six to fifteen injections are given into different facial points with a microneedle, depending on what wrinkles you desire to remove. For the first time the injected medicine works for up to 6 months, but the injections should be regularly repeated to keep the result in order the habit of wrinkling causing mimic wrinkles should disappear over time and the wrinkles should be no longer intense.
Injection giving procedure – only in reliable clinics

Those who are going to use injections must be aware that such injections can only be given by a qualified doctor. It is important to choose a clinic responsibly, with professional doctors, and not tempt offers of different beauticians and beauty specialists for the procedure. This is very important because only a person who gained a medical education knows exactly which muscle to inject. Corrections of the facial mimic wrinkles performed by a person other than a doctor can cause unpleasant consequences – there are cases of the infected eyelids or sagged corners of the lips what proves that the injection was not given correctly, breaching a special technique for its giving. In order to beautify the face, it is necessary to consult a qualified specialist.