Hyaluronic acid injections is a modern non-surgical treatment intended to improve the complexion condition, slow down aging processes, smooth out wrinkles and provide the necessary moisture. The skin becomes smoother, brighter and firmer after the first procedure and the result remains up to 9 months.

The biggest enemy of the beautiful and healthy skin is passing years, which is characterized by “chronological aging” encoded in our genes, and various harmful skin-depleting factors and habits like excessive sunbathing or attending a solarium, smoking, unbalanced diet, environmental pollution. Then the human body lacks the necessary nutrient-building materials or the skin is depleted by free radical attacks, thus the tissue constantly renewing in the youth gradually becomes thin, the firm and elastic protein structure joining the skin layers starts to break, and the biosynthesis of important substances supporting the moisture and firmness of the tissue decreases.

It is good news that modern medicine can help quite easily to revitalize the skin and slow down the aging process – hyaluronic acid affects the skin from the inside, moisturizes and tones it by combining water, what reduces or completely eliminates the wrinkles of the nose, lips, bridge of the nose, as well as around the lips.
In addition, the preparation can improve the facial symmetry – provide the cheeks, lips with more volume, highlight their contour. After the injections, the complexion becomes brighter, smoother, more elastic and the natural facial mimics are preserved.