A person shed 40 to 150 hairs daily, however, for a variety of reasons this number can increase significantly. Reactive hair fall is a problem that affects both women and men regardless of age. Each case of hair loss is individual and may be caused by various reasons: sometimes it is caused by wrong hair care and styling products, too frequent use of hair straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers, nevertheless, hair health more often depends on the general condition of the body. Reactive hair loss also occur as a result of stress, shock, unbalanced nutrition, surgeries, childbirth or hormonal changes, various diseases and inflammatory processes in the body, administration of medication, strict diets, etc. In addition to the above, women similarly as men can experience androgenic hair thinning caused by excess of hormones. One should keep in mind that untreated hair fall may lead to baldness.

Mesotherapy for hair growth is a simple yet effective procedure to treat reactive hair fall and androgenetic alopecia, and restore weak, brittle, and lifeless hair with missing vitamins and nutrients. Mesotherapy for hair growth is performed with the help of fine needles injecting into the scalp various combinations of active substances – mesotherapy cocktails specially balanced for scalp that nourish hair follicles, improve blood and oxygen supply to the scalp, and provide visible results after the first treatment.

Mesotherapic treatment can consist from few to several sessions depending on each patient's individual case and hair condition.