Hair loss, thinning and baldness are very common problems that can occur at any age and signal a serious illness. The biggest problem people make is trying to fight hair loss with cosmetic products. Instead of trying to find out the real causes for hair loss, many people are looking for “miraculous” shampoo to stop hair loss or solve other scalp problems, and such delay and self-treatment often only make things worse. With certain diseases, hair loss or even partial baldness can occur in a very short time with the recovery process taking up to several years.

When you should start worrying?
Your hair turned dry, brittle and dull.
Hair has been falling out in large amounts and for a long time;
Hair became oily and even after washing your hair, they feel dirty.
Scaling and strong itching of scalp.

If you can tick at least one of the abive-listed symptoms, you should plan without delay an appointment with dermatovenerologist who will not only help you to find out the reason for scalp problems but also prescribe the most suitable method for problem solution or treatment.