Beautiful and healthy smile is the basis for wellbeing, good mood and self-esteem. Unfortunately, many people feel embarrassed because of their discoloured, yellowish teeth therefore they tend to cover their mouth with hand when laughing, avoid close contact with people, and avoid showing their teeth when smiling.

Changes in tooth colour are often caused by several factors: poor oral hygiene; genes (inheritance); age (because with age, the structure of teeth changes – dentin thickness increases, the colour turns yellow and the enamel becomes thinner and more transparent); consumption of staining foods (coffee, black tea, red wine), harmful habits (smoking, chewing tobacco), as well as various diseases or administration of antibiotics and other medications.

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and most accessible ways of getting rid of the discomfort and bleaching teeth up to 8 colour tones.

In our clinic, teeth whitening is performed by professional and safe Philips ZOOM which ensures the following:

  • Dentin and enamel are bleached without making changes to teeth structure without leaving your teeth sensitive.

  • Bleaching gel used for whitening contain calcium ions that strengthen teeth, fill minor dental defects and make tooth enamel shiny and smoother.

  • Philips ZOOM system prevents teeth from being heated up so the procedure is completely harmless for nervous dental tissue – pulp.

  • After the procedure, teeth sensitivity often is reduced.

  • Teeth become whiter up to 8 tones.

Before the procedure, dental specialist assesses the condition and colour of teeth, discusses expectations of the patient and describes the preliminary bleaching result taking into account the individual situation. Before bleaching, teeth must be professionally cleaned from any plaque and tartar. During bleaching, teeth are covered by 1-2 mm thick layer of bleaching gel which is then activated by ultraviolet light. One cycle lasts approximately 15 minutes, then the gel is removed and reapplied repeating the cycle 3-4 times. Bleaching session takes approximately 2 hours depending on the colour of teeth, consultation time and preparation. After the procedure, dental specialist assesses the result and gives directions on how to preserve the achieved results as long as possible.

After professional in-office teeth whitening, it is recommended to continue bleaching process at home using custom-made dental trays.

It is important to know that dental fillers, veneers, crowns and dead teeth are resistant to whitening, therefore any dental restorations (veneer application, cosmetic bonding, prosthesis) must be planned after the whitening procedure.

The teeth whitening procedure cannot be performed for pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients under 18 years of age.