Oral hygiene and dental habits of children up to 6-7 years of age lays under responsibility of their parents. Establishing a proper oral care routine early on in life sets the foundation for the development of healthy and strong permanent teeth reducing the risk of dental and gum diseases in the future.

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums of your children requires good and responsible care for their oral hygiene. Before a child learns to write, i.e. up to 6-7 years of age, their hand movements are not coordinated sufficiently to be able to brush and take care of their teeth properly, therefore, the remaining or poorly cleaned plaque can cause decay of dental tissues - dental caries. Because of this reason, dental practitioners and dental hygienists recommend children to have their teeth cleaned by dental professionals regularly every 6 months to protect your children from various dental and gum diseases.

Moreover, professional cleaning of teeth is extremely important for children wearing fixed orthodontic devices because of complicated dental care.

During the procedure:

  • dental professional exams the condition of teeth and tissues;

  • removes any tartar formed on teeth;

  • cleans teeth from soft and hardened plague;

  • removes any stains caused by pigmentation;

  • polishes the surface of teeth and fillings;

  • if necessary, performs applications of mineral and therapeutic materials.