To maintain healthy oral cavity, prevent diseases caused by plaque, and have strong teeth arranged in a beautiful smile, brushing teeth twice a day and flossing are not enough. It is impossible to reach all the grooves and sides of teeth with a toothbrush, and dental floss cannot remove all the food particles and plaque from between the teeth. Plague that has not been properly cleaned become hard thus forming tartar where accumulates bacteria causing tooth decay and various gum and periodontal diseases. Because of tartar the colour of teeth may change by up to several tones and result in bad breath.

Professional cleaning of teeth protects from dental decay, carries, gum and periodontal diseases. Regular and responsible brushing and professional cleaning of teeth every six-month to get rid of the bacteria that accumulate on the tooth surface and gums, turning sugars and other carbohydrates into acids that disrupting the tooth structure. This results in long-term consequences: frequent occurrences of dental decay which can develop into diseases that can even result in dental loss.