Root canal treatment is performed in the event of bacterial accumulation, infection or inflammation in the system of root canals. The treatment is aimed to eliminate the micro-organisms that have caused inflammation in the system of root canals, and protect the tooth and the surrounding tissues from infection.

Inflammation or infection can be caused by various reasons: tooth decay, leaky fillings, or damage to teeth as a result of trauma.

Seeing an endodontist who also specializes in root canal treatment is recommended in the following cases:

  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity when eating/drinking cold, hot, sweet, and sour food products;

  • Tooth sensitivity when chewing or touching the tooth;

  • Occurrence of fistula on gums;

  • Swelling in the face area;

  • Changed tooth colour (dark spot).

Sometimes these symptoms do not show themselves up, therefore, regular check-up visits to dental practitioner are necessary.

Failure to timely see endodontist to have root canals treated may result in spreading inflammation damaging other teeth and gums and developing into other more serious teeth and gum diseases.