The aesthetic filling, much like art, requires a good sense of colors, symmetry, proportions, texture, and transparency for restoring teeth with the latest composite filling materials. This procedure can help create a perfectly smooth and beautiful smile, but even more importantly, it may restore dental function. The aesthetic filling can correct a wide range of imperfections, from minor to major ones, or altogether change a person’s smile.


For minor defects, the aesthetic filling is a quick, painless, and dental-tissue-friendly method that usually takes only one visit to the dentist. Preserving the healthy tissues, filling composite materials are used to restore the damaged shape and color properties, surface microstructure, or position in the arch to correspond to that of a natural tooth. After the procedure, the difference is practically impossible to notice due to high-quality, long-lasting materials with a structure similar to the tooth tissue.


After aesthetic dental fillings, people can get back the small joys of everyday life, such as biting and chewing, without fear of the filling breaking off. With today’s technologies, sealing materials are more durable and long-lasting than ever, and the result will last for ten years and more. Besides, the aesthetic filling does not require any special care, so it is a hassle-free procedure. All a patient needs to do is take care of their teeth the same way as before: clean them regularly, use dental floss, and perform preventive oral hygiene every six months to repolish and renew the fillings.