Lip augmentation is a natural way to make the lips plump for a long time, to correct their shape, to equalize the asymmetry of the lips. Often lip augmentation is performed on patients with the narrow lips by nature and on those whose lips get wrinkled, become unsmooth and lose the shape due to the aging process. There are cases where patients, whose lips have been distorted during accidents or due to various diseases, apply to plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

How the surgery is performed?

The surgery is usually performed under general or local anesthesia. In the area where liposuction is performed, small incisions of approximately 0.5 cm of length are made. Frequently, fat is taken for the transfer from problem areas where it most frequently accumulates: the waist or abdomen. The physiological saline of 5-8°C is injected when making the incision in order to reduce bleeding and resolve fatty cells. Subsequently, a metal cannula is inserted to suck out fat (100-200 ml) that is prepared by a special method and inserted into the lips. Fat is always injected a little more, because only about 40% of it survive – a part of the transferred cells is taken by the body as its own fatty tissue, whereas the non-surviving fatty cells are resolved, distributed and removed from the body.

Postsurgical period and healing

  • Whereas only a part (about 40%) of fat survive after the surgery, the cosmetic effect may be insufficient and the procedure may need to be repeated after a some time;

  • The lips may be swollen and may be felt dry for a few weeks after the surgery;

  • The occurred bruises usually disappear within 2 weeks after the surgery;

  • It is forbidden to smoke for at least 2 weeks after the surgery. Hot smoke slows down the healing process.