Breast remains one of the main symbols of femininity and sexuality, so most women apply to a plastic surgeon for the breast surgery in order to like themselves – to feel feminine, emit charm and self-confidence.
Most requests and complaints arise in regard to the size and shape of the breast – for patients who are concerned about the small breasts, breast augmentation is important, and for the larger bust owners – breast reduction and lift. Breast correction is also actual for women whose breasts have lost their firmness due to a passing time or breastfeeding and have descended and flattened.
All these patients are associated with the feeling of dissatisfaction or even the acquired complex related to their breasts, undermined self-confidence and their body and preventing full enjoyment of life: wearing nice clothes, relaxing on the beach, feeling confident in intimate life.
The first step towards change is a consultation with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Upon arrival to the consultation, the doctor listens to a patient’s wishes and expectations, performs initial examination and measurements in order to select an implant size which fits the best and meets surgical capabilities.