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About us

What do mankind and the universe have in common?


Until the opportunity to experience WHAT WE CAN at this time, humanity has travelled light years. We have long explored ourselves, our human nature, and our possibilities. We have accumulated wisdom and courage. We have understood and learned to repeat and apply the divine Phi – 1.618 proportions.

But does humanity’s search for man have an end point? Is the search for answers our eternal driving force? Or maybe our eternal driving force is the ability to ACCEPT AN INVITATION? The invitation of time. An invitation of our inner voice. An invitation to change. Fi Clinica has also accepted the invitation. It is an invitation to create a new era of beauty surgery – THE SPACE AGE OF BEAUTY SURGERY.

You may ask what humankind and the universe have in common. Our answer to you is: “An endless desire to expand our limits.”


Is this limit 1.618? If so, what is beyond it?

We invite you to the greatest adventure of your life! We invite you to our ‘spaceship” named Fi (Phi).


TO take you to unprecedented heights!
Apollo 11? Explorer 1? Or maybe Phi 1.618?
improvement, drive, confidence, creativity.

Our Stars

Fi Clinica employs over 120 professionals from the most diverse, but at the same time inseparable galaxies. The most famous plastic surgeons, dentists, dermatovenereologists, cosmetologists, physiotherapists/kinesitherapists, otorhinolaryngologists, gynaecologists, urologists, abdominal surgeons and wonderful nursing staff in Lithuania and the Baltic States.

Does this sound rather fantastic?


That’s right: plastic surgery is doing fantastic things these days.


The clinic is located in Kaunas, in the largest urban oak grove in Europe.

770 oaks, an area of ​​84.42 hectares.


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The clinic covers an area of ​​2,800 m2, 3 floors, and is one of the largest beauty and healthcare clinic in the Baltics.
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MD, PhD, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
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Works team of more than 100 specialists.
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We have gained the trust of foreigners – about 50% of all patients are foreigners.
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Operations are performed annually.

Exceptional quality: just over 99% of all completed surgery does not require any additional adjustment,
whereas the global average is about 93%.

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